It is a job-oriented six to one- year duration course, which trains candidates to get a job in various disciplines like machine fitting, pipefitting, maintenance of devices etc. It is a demanding course in India for students who complete Class 10th studies and want to be enrolled in some job-oriented course. 

In India, there are various institutes, which offer ITI Fitter course on merit basis. Candidates can apply based on their Class 10th marks.

Nakashipara Government ITI  Fitter is a good Trade for those candidates who have an interest in machines and aspiring to gain technical knowledge on the working of parts of the machine. The demand for ITI Fitter candidates is also high because of the usage of the machine in various industries. These professionals add value to industries on a large scale.

Electrician trade is one of the most popular courses delivered nationwide through a network of ITIs. Nakashipara Government ITI electrician course is a short term professional technical course, which enables students to work on different types of electrical wiring and equipment. This course provides students with fundamental knowledge of the necessary electrical fields. Under this course, students are given a good knowledge of Electrical equipment, Wiring, safety in the electrical field, and other technical details. the detailed information and explanation are being discussed below.



Nakashipara Government ITI Surveyor is a technical 2-year course, which is about different types of survey.
A Surveyor or land surveyor is a professional who determines positions of land.
A surveyor determines the position on the surface of the earth or up to the height of construction.
Surveying any land and preparing a 3D map of details using advanced software like CAD etc. is the main task of the surveyor.
Nowadays surveyors use the GPS ie Global Positioning System to carry out survey work with great accuracy.

Nakashipara Government ITI  Surveyor is a job oriented, technical certification course related to the construction sector, after which students are likely to get a government job as well as a private job.


The profession of welding is a vocational trade and it would exist as long as there are metals and alloys or nonmetals are in use. The ITI welding course extends over 2-years and it is commonly divided into 2 semesters. One semester per year. The course is designed to teach a candidate/student to fuse two or more metals/alloys/nonmetal


Mechanic Diesel Engine

ITI Diesel Mechanic is a one-year vocational training programme which teaches the students about various aspects of diesel engine such as making alignments & adjustments, correcting deficiencies in vehicles, maintaining pieces of equipment operating in diesel etc


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