Nakashi Para Government iti

Placement support


The Training and Placement Cell along with the academia works towards all round grooming of the students so that they can face the challenge in today’s highly competitive entry level job market. Our efforts include

  • Soft skill development
  • Industrial visits to industries to gather idea about professional working environment
  • Participating in different technical conferences and seminars to acquire knowledge about current technologies
  • Growing interests among students in co-curricular activities like Sports and Cultural Activities to boost their team spirit and leadership
  • Participating in social and literary activities of the institute and outside, to enhance their social and creative instinct


Students can also get help from the Training and Placement Unit with their Summer Internship and Training Programs. The cell arranges internships for students during their summer breaks at various businesses and industries to familiarise them with the working environment they will enter once their iti is complete. The cell also plans the required internships for ITI students. The Training and Placement Cell organises training in numerous industries and significant businesses.